Fresh Patch

Do you live in an apartment? Do you live in an condo? Do you find your self racing home after work. Have you ever been stuck in traffic trying to get home and thought, my poor puppy. She /He has been sitting at home for over a hour past the time I get home, having to go potty? What if your kids have a play date you forgot on one side of town and your home and pet is on the other? Stop having to live your life around your pets potty schedule, Get Fresh patch and stop the stress. The price of fresh patch vs the risk of getting in a car accident rushing home. What's your kids life worth to you? What about the psychological damage done to them by yelling at them to rush, with fresh patch take one stress a way. At less the $30 that's only a $1 a day is that not a great deal? Now get it for 0.60 a day. Now on sale Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with REAL Grass - As Seen on SHARK TANK List Price: $29.00 Price: $18.49 + $9.00 shipping You Save: $10.51 (36%)